Company Background

We may build software, but we are not your typical development agency.

From our digital creative agency beginnings more than a decade ago, we have become a proven supplier of enterprise-class software solutions for modern businesses, big and small, across the world.

Our team is what makes Decibel Technology. A unique combination of academics, specialist developers and an expert support team who specialise in everything from user interface design and project management to data modelling. We handle everything in-house; nothing is ever outsourced.

Our creative agency heritage still influences every aspect of our work. We use technology to bring brilliant and creative ideas to life. 

"We’re the development team that you’d love to have in-house: full stack, flexible, obsessed with delivery. We’ve established a proven track-record building enterprise-class software solutions for modern businesses."

Leadership team

Ben Harris
CEO Decibel Group
Tim de Paris
CTO Decibel Group
Marius Milcher
Head of Development
Darryn Hayter
Project Manager
Let's get started.

Whatever you're planning, we'd love to discuss how we can roll our sleeves up and get involved. Our expert team of developers have wide-ranging technical experience. Get in touch today and tell us about your project.